Does my car hate me?

Does my car hate me?

Why does my car do this to me? It bugs me everyday. When I drive with the snow outside I have to use my windscreen washer quite a lot. When I pull the little lever behind my steering wheel it spurts a jet of antifreeze/washer fluid onto my screen and it starts to wipe for about 10 times. Then it stops… my window is clean again!

picture of dirty windscreen

But after about 15 seconds it does one final sweep… and this last sweep always leaves ugly marks!

Why do cars do this!!!? First it cleans my window perfectly, and then spoils it!

A collegue adviced me this: If the car has just finished wiping, quickly switch on the manual and stop it. This will still cause one extra wipe, but it comes right after the others. This produces a slightly better result.

I tried this two times on my car (a Fiat Bravo) and it worked one time, the other time it still did the final whipe after around 10 seconds.