Patent, publicity

Patent, publicity

Wow, just wow…

Thanks a lot for all your support people, it’s great to see and read I’m not the only one to think this situation isn’t normal.

Social networking:

First it became huge on social network sites:
- #1 on yCombinator Hacker News: here
- #1 on Reddit: here
- Frontpage on Slashdot: here
- DZone Top Link: here
- Digg: here

Blogs and news sites:

And it was featured on some major blogs/news sites:

- BoingBoing: here
- OpenDotDotDot: here
- Webwereld (Dutch): here
- TechDirt: here
- The Command Line: here
(and many more)


Also, it is a hit on Twitter too, with hunderds of retweets and people taking aim at Shazam:

(which might be a bit unfair since Landmark Digital Services LLC is the complaining patent holder, not Shazam, but I’m not sure how they relate)



springify: RT @StefanRoock: RT @mittie RT @merbist: wow the Shazam guys are real jerks: #wtf   asgerhallas: RT @tomasekeli: Hey #shazam, you suck :) Software patents, seriously uncool. Being a dick, even more so. #shazamfail (via @blakefate)   gerharbo: Patent issues ivm Shazam. Een developer uit nl heeft code in java, shazam niet blij   unimatrixZxero: RT @ralph: Now that I've found SoundHound, I can safely delete the app from the jerks that made Shazam:   LuisBenavides: RT @stilkov: Software patents just suck RT @merbist: wow the Shazam guys are real jerks:

...etc etc etc...  

Thanks again!

So thanks again for the support and the emails en tweets and blogs… I’m going to wait and see now what the next reply from Landmark Digital Services LLC will be. In the mean time, with the article available you should be able to create something similair for yourself.

Or just take the describing scientific paper and/or the patent itself, that should be sufficient (and it isn’t too mathematical, nor hard).