iPhone locations on Google Maps with Javascript

iPhone locations on Google Maps with Javascript

Wow, great news!

After my previous blogpost a lot of people mailed me about the usability of my ‘iPhone location data to Google Earth’ tool. It was a command-line tool, and you needed to have Java 6 installed. The main goal was to show how it is done in Java, for other developers.

When chatting to Will about this he suggested using Javascript instead. Soon he had the code working that could parse the iPhone backup files. He then contacted Mark Olson, who helped him with the SQLLite format in Javascript. Together they finished it up so the resulting GPS data is shown in Google Maps.

The result of their effort: http://markolson.github.com/js-sqlite-map-thing/

To use it, drag the backup files into the upper part of the website. It will parse the files, locate the data and display the track on Google Maps!
The source code can be found here: https://github.com/markolson/js-sqlite-map-thing

Kudos to Will and Mark for this great application. Who knew Javascript could be this powerfull!?