Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining

A couple of months ago I’ve started using and mining bitcoins. If you don’t know what bitcoin is yet, please watch the following video:

Mining for bitcoins has become harder and harder. But as a pro, the price of the bitcoin has also increased quite a lot. Since I’ve started mining I’ve mined about 40 bitcoins (in pools). This is now worth about 9 dollars per bitcoin: 360 dollars!

Mostly I’ve used my GPU for mining, this gives me the greatest speed. I found the Diablo Miner works best in my case, I even pushed some improvements into the codebase to let it work through proxies. But since a couple of days I’ve had a bitcoin miner in Java applet form running on this website! This is currently giving me about the same amount of bitcoins. Still, it is only about 0.01 bitcoin per day. Which comes down to 10 dollar cents a day. But still this is more then I earn for ads!

I’ve removed the bitcoin applet from my main page (it can scare visitors if the CPU runs to 100%). But you can still use it on this website:


So, don’t hesitate to hang around here for a while, with this page open :-) Lets see how much bitcoins my visitors can generate!

Oh, to see the current ‘exchange rate’ of the Bitcoin, you can always view it on Mt Gox.