New website theme

New website theme

When browsing through the posts on DZone I noticed a couple of new Wordpress plugins. When I tried them (on my live website of course) everything failed and produced errors. And of course I didn’t do a proper backup before I started… sigh.

Anyway, I was able to login with FTP, find the broken file and fix it (PHP, blegh)! But then I started experimenting with other parts of the website and tried some different WordPress themes. I’ve had the previous theme for a couple of years now. Time for something new! What do you guys think about this new one?

South Africa

The photo in the header, with the zebra’s, was taking during my holiday in South Africa last year.

Edit: The zebra picture made it look like a website of the WNF, so I changed it!

Some more:

The complete (online) collection can be found here:


For years and years I’ve also been using this avatar:
this is me online
A lot of people have asked me why I’m using that avatar instead of a normal photo. I’ve been using this image since my teen years, when I had acne all over the place. I’ve just kept using it, and now people actually recognize it.

I’ve drawn that cartoon image myself, no idea what it resambles, just something unidentified creature. It was actually drawn over a photo of our family pet dog Dana. Which my parents are probably going to have to put down pretty soon. She is now very old and sick, it is just a matter of days…