Shaved FAQ

Shaved FAQ

What happened to your beard?

I shaved.

Have you lost a bet?


Who are you? How did you get past security?

The same guy as last week and the months before that, I shaved, sorry to shock you, it happens.

Why did you grow a beard in the first place?

Because I felt like it.

Why did you shave?

Same reason I decided to grow a beard, I felt like it.

But why this Sunday?

Stop it, I shaved, it isn’t special, most men do it a couple of times a week, get over it!

It looks much better this way!

Thanks for the compliment, don’t get to attached, the beard will probably return.

You look so much younger!

I’m not.

It looks much worse without a beard!

Why do people comment so much on facial hair, I’m not judging your hair/clothing/weight etc.

Anyway, to quote The Dude Lebowski: Yeah, well that’s just your opinion, man.
(I’m trying to follow the philosophy and lifestyle of dudeism)