Keep the Force asleep

Keep the Force asleep

At the moment it is very hard for an online nerd on Twitter. Star Wars ep 7: The Force Awakens has been released into the wild and most of us haven’t seen it yet. But luckely there is a solution, I’ve created a handy bookmarklet.

A bookmarklet is a piece of Javascript code that you can add as a bookmark. When you are on a certain website (like Twitter) you can press the bookmarklet and the Javascript is executed. The bookmarklet code I’m using has been created using this great website: DeClutter Twitter and it removes most Star Wars related tweets from your timeline!


Just drag this bookmarklet ForceFilter to the bookmark section of your browser. Next time you open Twitter, quickly press the bookmarklet before reading.

The code

Below is the (generated) code, again, made by DeClutter Twitter (all credits belong there):


  function declutter() {
    // Remove tweets containing these terms:
    var rk=['star wars', 'the empire', 'the rebellion', 'han solo', 'theforceawakens', 'jar jar', 'kylo ren', 'rey', 'finn', 'poe dameron', 'xwing', 'deathstar', 'c-3po', 'r2d2', 'jedi', 'darth', 'sith', 'leia'];

    // Twitter timeline entries have class "stream-item" - loop through them, 
    // removing those that match blacklisted term
    $.each($(''), function() {
        var c = $(this).html(); 
        var p = $(this); 
        // Iterate through the keywords, removing the parent element 
        // where a match is found
        $.each(rk, function(i, v) { 
            // Lower-case the text so case issues don't trip us up
            if(c.toLowerCase().indexOf(v.toLowerCase()) > 0) {