JavaOne Rock Star 2016

JavaOne Rock Star 2016

Today I got an email with the subject: “Congratulations JavaOne 2016 Rock Star!”. It turns out the JavaOne 2016 Ignite session was voted enough to receive a JavaOne Rock Star Award!

I was so excited, elated even!

Rocking that talk

But I quickly found out that the JavaOne Rock Star lifestyle isn’t as much fun as it sounds.

  • Being 3 hours late for a meeting, even a Rock Star can’t do that.
  • Peeing in the corner of your office while holding a bottle of Jack Daniels, still not appreciated.
  • Wearing ripped jeans, a leather jacket and other than that just chest hair, is considered too casual.
  • The groupies? It is like answering random Stack Overflow questions, non-stop, face to face.
  • After each coding session, smashing your MacBook on the floor… quickly becomes expensive.

Drunk Wombat holding bottle of Jack Daniels