Fear of upgrading to Java 9, is it justified?

Fear of upgrading to Java 9, is it justified?

It seems that the adoptation of Java 9 is slow, very slow. In a Twitter poll this week I asked: “Which version of Java are you using in production?”

The poll got almost 300 replies and to my surprise just 3% of the respondents are using Java 9 at the moment. Most are using Java 8 and there are even more people using Java 6… So what is holding people back? Why is almost no-one using Java 9?

It turns out a lot of people are scared to upgrade to Java 9. They think it’ll be hard to do, libraries and tools will fail them. They are scared for another Jar-hell.

That is why I took one of my larger projects, that has been running in production for a long time, and try to upgrade it to Java 9.

Upgrading: Walk in the park or walk in jar-hell?

Here are my results and findings, in a new format: a vlog

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