Happy New Year: 2019

Happy New Year: 2019

First of all, best wishes for 2019 from me.

Time for me to reflect on the last couple of months.

Public speaking

Last year has been a crazy busy year for me. I’ve been to and spoken at to J-Spring, J-Fall, Devoxx Belgium, Devoxx Poland and JavaOne… errr… Oracle CodeOne on various topics. From quantum computing to software architecture.

Here is a list of all my conference talks.


I’m a big fan of sharing knowledge and getting people together to have fun. This is why I’ve decided to create a new JUG (Java User Group) this year in the city of Rotterdam, the RotterdamJUG. In November we had our first meeting and I’ve already got more meetups planned.

Java Champion

The biggest achievement this year is probably being named an Oracle Java Champion. There are no more than 300 Java Champions in the world and it is a great honor to be added to this group.

…. 2019

So what’s next for 2019? I’m going to continue with the RotterdamJUG, we’ve already got a Kotlin-workshop planned for this month and I’m looking for a venue for a February meetup (anyone?).

I’m also going to go back to math and puzzles, I’ve got some idea’s planned and some tricks/algorithms to explain, more on that in the coming days/weeks hopefully!