Feed your curiosity

Feed your curiosity

Curiosity is an emotion related to natural inquisitive behaviour such as exploration, investigation, and learning, evident by observation in human and many animal species.

Source: wikipedia

To me, curiosity is one of the greatest things we as humans have. It feeds you with knowledge and sparks your fantasy, its an emotion that tickles your brain and forces you to explore.

Curiosity isn't limited to humans

In life its vital to search for new things, new limits, new experiences. Always keep asking questions, because with every answer you find, more questions will arise!

At first this sounds a bit depressing, more questions for every answer you get. This doesn’t sound satisfactory, but trust me, it is! Its not the answer that gives you satisfaction, its the new array of questions that give satisfaction! Because these questions feed our curiosity.

It also strikes me that children are very good in asking questions, and they come up with the most amazing questions! I really think this is a good skill, and its a shame we lose this when we get older. Why don’t adults ask these questions? Is it the fear of the “dumb-question”, does it make them look stupid?

Here are some examples of good curious questions:

  • Q: How do blind people know when they’re done wiping toiletpaper?


  • A: They can feel it from the drag, and then wipe two times extra (just to be sure)


  • Q: If you smoke, and go into a coma. When you wake up, do you crave for a cigarette?


  • A: It depends, after 8 days all the nicotine would be out of him/her bloodstream. So the physical chemical craving wouldn’t be there when they wake up. They’ll probably still have a habitual craving though.


  • Q: Why don’t our eyelashes grow?


  • A: All hair follicles have a certain cycle. The hair grows for a certain time, and then it just drops out. Eyelashes have a short cycle-rate.


  • Q: Do fish drink?


  • A: It actually depends: Saltwater fish drink, and filter the salt and minerals with their gills. Freshwater fish absorb water with their bodies.


  • Q: How many neck-vertebrates does a giraffe have?


  • A: The same amount as we have, seven. Even a mouse has seven vertebrates. All mammals have seven vertebrates except the manatee and three-toed sloth (They only have six)


  • Q: Can Elephants jump?


  • A: No, they can’t! They weigh too much. Also they get very uncomfortable if there is more then one feet of the ground at any time.


  • Q: If you die from anti-freeze poisoning, would you be able to do cryopreservation?


  • A: ?


  • Q: A Dutch question: Waarom moet je bevroren eten altijd “ontdooien”? Dooien is het tegenovergestelde van bevriezen! Dus moet je iets toch dooien in plaats van ontdooien?


  • A: ?

If you have curious/weird questions, or know answers to unanswered questions, please drop me a comment!