Ludum Dare #23: Itty-bitty botty

Ludum Dare #23: Itty-bitty botty

bodyIdle1The last two days I’ve been competing in a competition called Ludum Dare.

This is a short, 48 hour, contest. In this time you have to build an entire game based on a theme given at the start of the 48 hours. It is a good exercise is planning, scaling, hacking, imagining and just having fun! I really enjoyed it, and recommend you join LD24 four months from now.

The concept:

For this game I decided to stick with Java. To make it playable for as many people I decided to make an Applet. It can easily become a standalone app, or maybe an Android app…!
I loved the old point-and-click games, from Dirty Larry to The Day of the Tentacle, from Monkey Island to Gobli(iiii)ns. So that was settled.

The big pro:

Not a lot of physics or game code.

The big con:

I’d have to brush off my paint skills because point-and-click adventures are filled with graphics and animation!
One big factor in games is music, and for this contest I took some midi control code I made some years ago. This was turned into a procedurally generated music generator. Every time you play you’ll hear something new.

The result:

With visitors coming to see our little baby girl on Sunday I decided to end early.


Here is my result, have fun playing the game: Itty-bitty botty!